Bob Cat PA825V Portable Air Compressor

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The Bobcat® PA825V portable air compressor gives you a versatile two-in-one machine capable of delivering dual pressures with airflow ranging from 750 to 825 cfm and pressure ranging from 125 to 150 psi.

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PA825V Key Specifications
Rated Operating Pressure
2,161 psig (150 bar)

Engine Make
Cummins <!-->
Emissions Tier Level
Tier 4 Final (T4F) -->
24.9 in³
System Voltage
24 V
Rated Speed
2100/1935 rpm <!-->
Idle Speed
1,300 rpm
Shipping Weight with Running Gear
8,620 lb
Operating Weight with Running Gear
9,330 lb
Shipping Weight without Running Gear
7,840 lb
Operating Weight without Running Gear
8,550 lb
Fuel Tank Capacity
100 gal
Length with Running Gear
203.3 in
Width with Running Gear
90.2 in
Height with Running Gear
88.5 in
Track Width with Running Gear
80.3 in
Tire Size with Running Gear
15 in
Length without Running Gear
152.4 in
Width without Running Gear
80.6 in
Height without Running Gear
79 in
Rated Operating Pressure
2,161 psig (150 bar)
Pressure Range
80-175 psig (5.5-12.1 bar) -->
Air Discharge Outlet Size
2 in <!-->